"The Project 2635"

An advocacy for our brothers

The "Project 2635" is a creation started in November 2017. The objective of this work is to put in image 2635 critically endangered animals. Made in India ink in the form of scientific plates, this sensitizing and memorial project will take shape of 13 boards of 100 x 70 cm.

The disappearance of wildlife is a reality that affects the entire planet. On land, under the sea and in the air, animals disappear at an unsustainable pace. This work is a plea for our brothers. In order to register these animals in our memories and to raise public awareness, this set of 13 boards will be displayed in a multitude of places; schools, cultural centers, libraries, museums, etc. A number of objects will be derived from the drawings, including posters, postcards, cloth bags, but also a prestigious book compiling all animals drawn to a limited edition of 200 copies. Finally, when the device has been presented in various locations and radiated as widely as possible, an auction sale of the original boards will be organized. Half of the funds raised during the sale will be donated to an environmental protection organization, while the other half will be used to pay the working hours and costs of the project.

Gabriel Ruta