- May 2018

Ccollective exhibition "Homo deus". Gallery le Pont des Z'Arts.

- January 2017

Collective exhibition, "Oeuvres d'hier, inspirations de demain", Museum of Art and History, Geneva.

- January - March 2015

Personnal exhibition, "Manière forte". Gallery L'Art dans l'R. Geneva.

- September - November 2014

Artefact, collective exhibition, artistic route around ecology. Commune de Satigny, Geneva.

- September 2014

Personnal exhibition, "Romantisme et douceurs nucléaires". Galerie Next Door. Genève.

- December 2013 / Avril 2014

Collective exhibition. Gallery Forma, Lausanne.

- April 2013

Personnal exhibition, "Etat des lieux". Gallery Maya Guidi, Carouge.

- 2005 - 2010

Development of the clothing brand "MusicWear." Design, packaging, distribution in Switzerland. Relayed by Le Matin, 20min, Matin Bleu, TSR2...


- 2004

Exhibition in-situ in the Rhône river, under Le pont des Bergues. Molding. Geneva.


- 2003

Personnal exhibition, Villa le Chêne. Engraving. Geneva.


- 2002

Collective exhibition, John Grasset gallery. Serigraphy. Geneva.


- 2001

Collective exhibition cultural french center of Praïa. Engraving. Cape-Verde.


- 1997 / 2003

Graduated from the Superior Fine Arts School of Geneva.



Exhibitions / Education

Le Matin bleu
Le Matin bleu
Le Matin
Le Matin
Kid Koala
Kid Koala
Eek A Mouse
Eek A Mouse
Eek a Mouse
Eek a Mouse


After graduating from the College of Fine Arts of Geneva in 2003, I launched the MusicWear clothing brand. The brand running on a harmonious design and clever packaging, the first collection of t-shirt was packed in Vinyl jackets, 12" for men and 78 rpm for women. Present in ten stores in Switzerland, the brand has had some success, particularly thanks to the promotion which was made by various media. In 2008, the Lacoste company released a collection of shirts packed in Vinyl jackets 12". Astonished by the similarity of our packaging, I come into contact with that company through a personal letter to his director, residing in Geneva. After that, their juridque Service came into contact with me. These negotiations between lawyers emerge as disappointments and time wasting. Following these events I understood the difficulty of imposing in this area and decided to stop this activity.




Born in 1978 in Geneva, I graduated from the Geneva School of Fine Arts since 2003.

If I had to define my work in two words, they would be: "Divert and commitment". Almost all of my work works on this principle, whether it is to divert the technique, the materials or the subject, this approach allows me to emphasize my point more strongly. Thus, my work is a cross between diversion and commitment, the first in form, the second in the background. I mainly address topics such as ecology and human rights. The treatment of these themes questions the human sciences, the links of man to politics and the relationship between man and nature. So many topics that I sometimes treat with derision, often with cynicism, always with poetry.


                                                                                                                                                 Gabriel Ruta