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A Dive into "Le Printemps" of Alexandre Calame

In the beginning of the year 2016, I initiated a work around a painting by the Geneva painter, Alexandre Calame. My work is an exchange between the spirit, the romantic aestheticism, and our contemporary urbanity. To do this, I began by fully absorbing "Le Printemps" and reproducing it in 50 x 70 cm format with acrylic paint. This first three-month stage allowed me to delve into the details and depth of the landscape. I then materialized some elements appearing on the painting, a blanket of velvet lined with golden fringes, three necklaces of roses, cups and a wine carafe in silver. These objects are the soul of the painting, they give it its mysterious side and romanticism onirism. The project I am currently undertaking is a predominantly photographic work which consists in plunging these elements into our contemporaneity.                        


"Romantism and nuclear sweets"

With its nineteen plants and 58 reactors, France is the number one of nuclear power in the world. In the form of old travel posters, this work is a tour de France of these charming landscapes.


42x29,7 cm. Print on paper, 2014.

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