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"The Project 2635"

An advocacy for our brothers

The "Project 2635" is a creation started in November 2017. The objective of this work is to put in image 2635 critically endangered animals. Made in India ink in the form of scientific plates, this sensitizing and memorial project take shape of 13 boards of 100 x 70 cm.

The disappearance of wildlife is a reality that affects the entire planet. On land, under the sea and in the air, animals disappear at an unsustainable pace. This work is a plea for our brothers. The realization of this project was spread over three years and the dramatic observation is that today the number of these animals has increased in such a way that it now amounts to 3483. Starting from the observation that a simple figure makes it difficult to really imagine the extent of this sad phenomenon, it seemed to me essential to give a "face" to these animals in order to honor them and engrave them in our consciences. Thus, the visualization of this mass of animals must lead the viewer to get a real idea of the extent of this disappearance in order to achieve real awareness.


Gabriel Ruta

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